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Bar D sits on 32 acres located in the scenic hills of the beautiful Ozark Mountains of North Central Arkansas.  Only fourteen miles north of the beautiful city of Mountain Home and just a stones throw from the Missouri state line.

We specialize in the breeding and sales of fine Missouri Foxtrotters. Our brood mares are carefully selected and their pedigrees include some of the finest bloodlines in the breed; "Missouri Traveler E.", "Zane Grey" and "Southern Sunrise". Home of Lobo’s Dusty Ember, Cassey’s Golden Sunrise L. and Pondtown’s Little Mae Brown.

Our horses are imprinted from birth and learn to negotiate the steep and rocky hill of the Ozark Mountains at an early age. It’s a place where a horse needs a large rump to work and climb. Those who believe the gaited horse needs a soft trail need to ride one of ours on the rocky trails. Riders of all skill levels will appreciate our smooth riding gaited horses.

Our horses are allowed to remain outside in open paddocks with lots of their buddies as nature intended. All our horses are on a regular maintenance schedule of immunizations, worming, shoeing, teeth floating and regular vet checks.

Our Mission:

We believe that great fox trotting mares produce great fox trotting foals with great fox trotting stallions.

Bar_D has what you want, whether you want a barn companion, trail horse, or horse for model or performance. We are very proud and pleased with the mares and the foals they produced. Check out our broodmares, you have to see them to appreciate them! All of our horses are registered Missouri Foxtrotters.




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