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Welcome to the Bar_d_foxtrotter Ranch.  Pull up a chair and sit a spell.  The breeze up here on the hill is refreshing.  And what a site...nothing but God's country and horses.  What could be better. 
My name is Roger and after serving twenty years in the Navy, I'm finally able to do what I've always dreamed of.  Owning and raising Missouri Fox Trotters with my wife, Laura.
We live and work on the ranch with our horses on a daily basis.  We are always in awe at the birth of a new foal. 
We believe in imprinting at birth.   Just after birth, is a crucial time in a foal's development, physically, mentally, and socially. It is at this time that you can teach him to accept you as a trusted friend and dominant figure, in his life.
Imprint trained horses are more manageable, far fewer injuries occur to horses and people. It has made life easier for both horse and horse handler.


Bar_d_foxtrotter Ranch ~ 2094 CR 38 ~ Clarkridge, Arkansas ~ USA ~ 72623
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